Jeremy Cohen

cohenAA002APhotographer-for-a-living Jeremy Cohen took his disposable camera abroad on a trip to Vietnam and Hong Kong, where he was visiting for the first time.

Kelsey Bennett

11560001 copyBased in NYC, Kelsey Bennett is an artist and curator whose work always takes us on a journey - a bizarre, gender-bending sex dream/nightmare.

Emma Banks

36170002Emma Banks is a recent NYC implant from Austin, where she developed a knack for photographing dynamic women and her daily travels.

Taylor Boylston

Scan 0A bartender by night, Taylor Boylston makes art and surrounds herself with like-minded people in Denver. She is also an avid disposable camera user.

Alan Del Rio Ortiz

R1-01054-0000Brooklyn-based director Alan makes great videos for great songs, amongst many other directorial feats. When he's not making vids of cute people, he's hanging out with cute people.

Olu Alege

05520001Street Level Culture creator/creative dude Olu brings us out with his friends as they take to the NYC streets, party times and diners, and other cool shit.

Marco Hernandez

image_1Young dude, skater, photographer Marco Hernandez is super good at combining his two passions. Bonus: graffiti, tattoos, existential photos of a solo board.

Koko Ntuen

R1-08817-023AFounder and editor-in-chief of LADYGUNN Magazine Koko Ntuen loves opulence, jet-setting and Riff Raff.

Jess Williamson

SXvoyeur_01Jess Williamson is a talented musician and photographer based in Austin, whose fears of mediocrity will never actualize.

Kathleen Tso

38010025StyleSight Young Mens Editor and sister Kathleen Tso resides in NYC and is basically a teenage boy.

Cassandra Lee Hamilton

7day1Cassandra Lee Hamilton is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles who watches Law & Order SVU when she's not making cute, colorful music videos.

Mary Meyer

R1-07815-0001Mary Meyer is a clothing designer with a studio and store in Bushwick, whose artful designs and basic cuts have a Kline-esque quality.

Alex Lee

R1-02300-024ABlogger and co-founder of XXBC Alex Lee of Manhattan has a knack for vintage menswear, Wheel of Fortune and, apparently, shaving in the shower.

Katy Shayne

R1-01192-000A_0001 copyAustin-based artist Katy Shayne creates amazing photographic collages and portraits. Her guiltiest pleasure is watching vampire-themed soap operas.

Adam Milner

01 copyAdam is an artist based in Denver, Colorado who has a knack for finding the similarities between Blonde Redhead and Britney Spears' videos.

Christa Palazzolo

1One half of Austin band Boy Friend, Christa is also a visual artist who used to glue rhinestones and bindis to her face in high school.

Davida Loca

R1-04407-000A_0001Davida is the frontman for LA-based band PART TIME, and if he were a drug, he'd be coketh (a cocaine/meth hybrid).

Katie Schultz

01_01 copyGALZ-R-US and BOYZ-2-MEN co-owner based in Seattle with a penchant for vegetarian pizza toppings.

Ryland Quillen

001 copyIndependent designer at Not Nonebody who also co-owns BOYZ-2-MEN Etsy and helps out at Iacoli & McAllister. He can throw down wicked haikus.

Robby Day

robbyday_01Illustrator out in the middle of nowhere Joseph, Oregon. Robby Day might only own three VHS tapes, but one of them is The Last Unicorn.

Mario Zoots

FH000002All around artist from Denver Mario Zoots is also part of Modern Witch and co-founded Drippy Bone Books. He goes to parties with hot cops.

Ariel Bender

1 rat-2Guitarist of Missile, a band based out of Dallas, Ariel Bender has got a serious obsession with E.T.

Ben Aqua

R1-02596-025AGaylien and #FEELINGS head coach Ben Aqua is an Austin native with a knack for cleaning toilet bowls.

Kristin Megumi Wong

A1Illustrator Kristin Wong is based in Brooklyn. She also co-owns GALZ-R-US Etsy store. She destroys "You Can't Hurry Love" on karaoke.

Luke Carrell

62530024Mulit-tasking editor of International Tapes Luke Carrell works in social media by day in New York. His first kiss was at 13.