March 19


Last year, I gave Austin / Los Angeles band GAL PALS a disposable camera for the week of SXSW. Sometimes it takes a year to process something.

GAL PALS is Lauren Marie Mikus and Jillian Talley.

August 5


All photos by Ryan Slack

Ryan Slack is a photographer by profession, who has skills in every type of photography: commercial, lifestyle, portrait, still life, editorial, you name it. We thought we would put him up to the 7 Days challenge and see what he would produce with a roll of disposable film. So, it seems like Mercury has been in retrograde all year, because unfortunately Slack accidentally left his camera at a friends house and was only able to salvage 1/2 a week of photos. We thought we would show them off while we waited for his full 7 Days project submission.

June 18

INSPIRATION: Unlocking The Truth + The Avante Garde Diaries

Unlocking The Truth – Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

More amazing personal stories can be found at We love anything like this. Thank you for sharing.

May 8

GIFTED: Key Chain

“This excellent gem was gifted to me from my family back in Taiwan. My mother returned back from one of her trips there wielding this beautiful creature because my birthday was coming up and my cousins decided to do something nice for me. Apparently there are places there where you can get your face superimposed on a little stuffed creature, and they so happened to choose this amazing photo of me wearing a fake moustache that was my Facebook profile picture at the time and put it on a little lion doll. This is one of my top favorite tchotchkes I own, and definitely my favorite to show off. Who else can say they have a stuffed animal of themselves dressed like a lion?” -Kathleen Tso

Check out Kathleen’s 7 Days submission here.

April 3

NEW FROM: Boy Friend ‘Secret City’

Portals released the latest EP from Boy Friend, Secret City, which can be streamed online. The EP which includes the band’s minimalistic cover of “When Doves Cry” and recent single “Labyrinth” also features “Lost in Film,” which is accompanied by a video by Leah-Lani Griffin. (Hello, longest run-on sentence ever.)

Watch it here:

Disclaimer: So, I “starred” in the video for Leah, when she asked me to be in her Super 16mm film for a project. When she asked me to find somebody to do music for the short, I thought of Boy Friend, since Christa is a friend (and I admire her music a ton). They hooked up and the project became a music video for the band. Very happy to have played a part in the creation of this video.

March 21

GIFTED: Bomber Hat

I was given this bomber hat, or ushanka, or shapka, never sure what to call it, by Kyle LeTray in high school. Kyle was that funny, laid-back, goofy skater guy in high school. He was one of the nicest and silliest people I knew, and he was easy on the eyes. I am not sure where he is or what he doing now, but hopefully he is doing well. Anyway, he was wearing it one day and let me try it on. He told me it looked good on me. Later on, he told me I could have it. I remember maybe a week later he said something about regretting giving it to me, because he really liked it. I should have just given it back, but I didn’t.

I didn’t wear it for a while, given the temperature in Texas. This was my first winter living in NY, and it really saved me.



This is a new blog series. Please feel free to submit your own photos and stories about gifts you were given.

January 29


I know you’re all quivering at the edges of your seats.

We reconvened VOYEUR’s 7 Days project with a submission from XXBC +‘s Alex Lee, a creatively skillful 21-year-old Manhattanite with a knack for streetwear, patterns and vintage sportswear. Check out the rest of his images/read the short interview here. We have a number of talented and interesting submissions coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Also, since it is Jan 2013, a time for beginnings, we decided to really go forward with the SPACES project, an invasive project that will document the spaces, possessions of unique individuals. You know we’re all about that brand of voyeurism. If you have any subjects to suggest, please leave a comment! Here’s to new projects and setting goals.

October 21


Check out the latest La Sera video by Cassandra Lee Hamilton. Once again, she totally nails it. I’m not only digging on Lee’s visuals though, La Sera (Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls) sings dreamy poppy breakup songs, think Best Coast but with more range.

Can’t wait to see more from both artists.

October 2


Blood Orange (Devonté Hynes) is seriously killing it. He does everything for everybody, produces, writes, creates. Here are a couple of videos released for songs he has written and produced, first from Sky Ferreira, second from Solange Knowles.

A favorite of his own “I’m Sorry We Lied” from Coastal Grooves. His videos always have 1980s full-feature-film vibes.


The latest issue of Bleach Online “Blood Orange” recently released online. There are loads of amazing photo sets as per usual. Here are just a few images; you’ll have to check out the rest of it on their site.

Photos by Alan Foreman, Dagny Piasecki, and Bradley Splitzer.

September 15


A while back, we featured Christa Palazzolo of Boy Friend for our 7 Days project. She gave us a somewhat overexposed (thanks to the TSA) glimpse into Boy Friend’s recent European tour. Little did most of you know, Palazzolo is not just a great musician and talented disposable camera snapper – she’s also an amazing artist (specifically, painter).

We especially love her Talking Heads Series, featuring strong women in history.

Check out the rest of the series and more of Christa’s art on her website.

September 14

My Heart is an Idiot + FOUND Magazine 10th Anniversary Tour

FOUND Magazine, which publishes found personal notes to the world (obviously something we can get behind), is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a tour around the country. The tour also celebrates the release of magazine co-creator Davy’s book of essays My Heart is an Idiot, co-creator/brother Peter’s album release and the release of a new issue of FOUND.

The tour has already begun, so check out the rest of the dates if you want to catch them!

October 22, 2012
Phoenix, AZ (Tempe) »
Changing Hands Bookstore, 7 pm, 6428 S. McClintock Dr., 480-730-0205
[Free admission]

October 23, 2012
Albuquerque, NM »
Guild Cinema, 8 pm, 3405 Central Ave. NE, 505-255-1848
[Tickets are $8]

October 24, 2012
Denver, CO »
The Bug Theatre, 8 pm, 3654 Navajo St., 303-477-9984

October 25, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT »
Details TBA

October 26, 2012
Arlington, TX »
University of Texas-Arlington, Details TBA

October 27, 2012
Boise, ID »
Visual Arts Collective, 8 pm, 3638 Osage St., 208-424-8297

October 28, 2012
Pendleton, OR »
Pendleton Center for the Arts, 7 pm, 214 North Main., 541-278-9201
[Tickets are $10]

November 2, 2012
Chicago, IL »
Old Town School of Folk Music, 8 pm, 4544 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-728-6000
[Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.]

November 3, 2012
Indianapolis, IN »
Service Center, 8 pm, 3819 Lafayette Rd., 317-347-0238
[Sponsored by Big Car]

November 4, 2012
Bloomington, IN »
The Bishop, 8 pm, 123 S. Walnut St., 812-333-4700
[Tickets are $5]

November 5, 2012
Cincinnati, OH »
Contemporary Art Center, 7 pm, 44 E. 6th Street, 513-345-8400

November 7, 2012
Allendale, MI »
Grand Valley State University, 7:30 pm, Cook-Dewitt Center Auditorium, 616-331-5000
[Admission is free!]

November 8, 2012
Milwaukee, WI »
Boswell Book Company, 8 pm, 2559 N. Downer Ave., 414-332-1181
[$5 suggested donation at the door]

November 9, 2012
Madison, WI »
Capitol Theater at Overture Center for The Arts, 9 pm, 201 State St., 608-262-0706
[Admission is free! Sponsored by the Wisconsin Book Festival]

November 10, 2012
Minneapolis, MN »
The Nomad, 8 pm, 501 Cedar Ave., 612-338-6424
[$5 Advance, $7 at door]

November 11, 2012
Grinnell, IA »
Grinnell College (Rosenfield Center), 8 pm, 1115 8th Avenue, 641-269-4655
[Admission is free!]

November 12, 2012
Iowa City, IA »
Prairie Lights, 7 pm, 15 South Dubuque St., 319-337-2681
[Admission is free!]

November 13, 2012
St. Louis, MO »
Mad Art Gallery, 8 pm, 2727 S. 12th Street, 314-771-8230

November 14, 2012
Muncie, IN »
Ball State University, details TBA

November 15, 2012
Detroit, MI »
Help us set up this show! Email us at

November 16, 2012
Ann Arbor, MI »
The Last Word, 7 pm & 9 pm (two shows!), 301 W. Huron St., 734-761-3463
[Tickets are $8 in advance or at the door; $6 for students. Proceeds benefit 826 Michigan!]

November 18, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI »
Division Avenue Arts Collective (The DAAC), 7 pm, 115 S. Division, 616-635-0053
[Tickets are $8 at the door.]

November 27, 2012
Dallas, TX »
The Texas Theatre, 7:30 pm, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd., 214-948-1546
[Tickets are $10 online or at the door]

November 28, 2012
Houston, TX »
St. Arnold’s Brewery, 7:30 pm, 2000 Lyons Avenue, 713-868-2101
[Sponsored by Aurora Picture Show]

November 29, 2012
Austin, TX »
Alamo Drafthouse at The Ritz, 8 pm, 320 E. 6th St., 512-476-1320
[Tickets are $12 online or at the door]

November 30, 2012
Tulsa, OK »
Details TBA

December 1, 2012
Kansas City, MO »
Details TBA

December 2, 2012
Overland Park, KS »
Johnson County Central Resource Library, 2 pm, 9875 W. 87th St., 913-826-4600
[Admission is free!]

December 2, 2012
Columbia, MO »
Ragtag Cinema, 8:30 pm, 10 Hitt St., 573-441-8504
[$5 for members, $8.50 for general public]

December 4, 2012
Batesville, AR »
Lyon College, 7:30 pm, Nucor Auditorium, 870-307-7000
[Admission is free!]

December 5, 2012
Oxford, MS »
Powerhouse Community Arts Center, 7 pm, 413 S. 14th St., 662-236-2262
[Tickets are $5 at the door; sponsored by Square Books, Cathead Vodka and Thacker Mountain Radio]

December 6, 2012
Jackson, MS »
Lemuria Books, 5 pm, 202 Banner Hall, 4465 I-55 North, 601-366-7619
[Admission is free!]

December 7, 2012
New Orleans, LA »
The Allways Lounge, 8 pm, 2240 Saint Claude Avenue, 504-218-5778
[Tickets are $5 at the door]

December 8, 2012
Birmingham, AL or Tuscaloosa, AL »
Help us set up this show! Email us at

December 10, 2012
Chattanooga, TN »
AVA, 8 pm, 30 Frazier Ave., 423-265-4282 (x 105)
[Tickets are $5]

December 11, 2012
Atlanta, GA »
Help us set up this show! Email us at

December 12, 2012
Athens, GA »
Help us set up this show! Email us at

December 13, 2012
Asheville, NC »
The Grey Eagle, 8 pm, 185 Clingman Ave., 828-232-5800
[$8 advance tickets, $10 at door]

December 14, 2012
Chapel Hill, NC »
Flyleaf Books, 7 pm, 752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 919-942-7373
[Admission is free!]

December 15, 2012
Durham, NC »
The Casbah, 8 pm, 1007 W. Main St., 919-687-6969
[Tickets are $5 at the door.]

December 16, 2012
Greensboro, NC »
Help us set up this show! Email us at

September 13

TAR + HONEY, Kristin Megumi Wong

I wanted to revisit this Asian girl gang photo series ‘Tar + Honey’ by Kristin Megumi Wong for Bleach Online. She did everything from concept-ing to styling to shooting to editing the series. As soon as I saw a blurry phone snapshot of one of these girls, I was enraptured by the set. I immediately wanted it for Bleach and interviewed Ms. Wong for the issue as well. Read the interview and check out the rest of the series here.

September 12

VIDEO STAR: Cassandra Lee Hamilton

We’ve had our eye on Los Angeles-based Cassandra Lee Hamilton for a while now, because she’s been churning out video after video hit for LA & Austin bands such as Ringo Deathstarr, Part Time, Gal Pals and more. We’re impressed, so we thought we would share so you could be, too.

And for nostalgia’s sake, a video Hamilton made for her own previous band Cowabunga Babez, featuring some familiar faces (IE: mine).

Check out more of her work on her Vimeo.

September 10

We like you Shayne Stroud

I first really became acquainted with Katy Shayne Stroud the day she shot me for a Bleach Online feature. It had been a little photo concept I had been obsessing about for a while, and after my shoot with Katy, I was absolutely satisfied and impressed by her skills. Since, I’ve admired her personal and professional work. She always seems to capture some honest moments with her subjects and finishes each of her pieces off with some creative editing.

Recently, Stroud created enchanting photos of/for musician Chelsea Wolfe, which were published with an interview I conducted for TWELV Magazine.

Stroud’s art will be on display at the Jolie Laide show (along with a long list of talented local artists) at Maison d’Etoile in Austin, TX.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Voyeur x Shayne Stroud collaborations in the future.

August 14


We’re all fascinated by the colorful strangers we see everyday in the supermarket, in passing by motorcycles, on the bus. Daily, stranger lives are sharing the same public space we inhabit, yet most of the times words are never spoken and these lives remain separated from ours.

Photographer Brandon set out to photograph 10,000 of these people in New York. The product of this curiosity is a Tumblr blog titled Humans of New York dedicated to these civilians and the conversations he has with them (or just inner-dialogue about them).

Check the site out for yourself for more images of “humans of New York”


Obviously, we’re big fans of Ben Aqua at Voyeur. We had him do the 7 Days project and are consistently enthralled by the work he releases. It’s honestly not fair that one human being has so much creativity and talent. Our favorite of Aqua’s body of work is his on-going portrait series featuring his friends and other characters he crosses in his life. There’s something incredibly personal about these images. Not only in their representations of the subjects, but also the capturer.

Here are just a few (one featuring yours truly):

For more, check out

July 22


Check out more of Adam Milner’s work at

Adam Milner, a Colorado-based artist, was recently featured in the 7 Days project. We were surprised not to see 27 exposures of beds, because of his body of work, which often seems to focus around the bedroom. Milner has documented and represented bedroom scenes and actions in almost every medium. We had to ask him about this motif.

VOYEUR: What is your obsession with beds and sleep?

My interest in the bed, sleep and bedrooms is part of a larger investigation of personal space and private, intimate moments.  Usually, my work presents documents from personal parts of my life and is often rooted in an ongoing routine or ritual that becomes a part of my everyday life. Projects like photographing my bed every morning, making drawings that document my body’s movement as I drift off to sleep, turning my pillows into oil paintings when they become tattered and old, and mailing my dreams to people via postcard every morning are examples that define my practice.

I am struck by the lack of physicality, intimacy, and communication in my daily operations, and I desire to explore, document, and archive interactions through the filter of these qualities. I want to offer the viewer intimate windows into my life, and I think there is an interesting intersection where intimacy, loneliness, vulnerability, generosity, selfishness, and vanity all collide. This point of collision really defines my life and practice.

As my projects become a part of my daily life, and my most personal experiences become the content of my work, I hope the two will continually blur and become at times inseparable. -Adam Milner

+ Adam’s work investigating personal and private spaces, moments, and relationships in his life is currently on view at Continental Drift at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Sensitive & Emotional at Vertigo Art Space, and Tracing Absence at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

June 27


New on the block New York-based magazine TWELV mixed food with art when they constructed a 220 lb. gummy-bear covered homage to Alexandar McQueen. The project was created by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi for the debut issue of the magazine. Using McQueen’s design, a steel wire dress form, vinyl and 50,000 gummy bears, the TWELV team constructed the dress for two weeks.

The dress was created for an editorial in the magazine’s first issue. It was shot and fitted on MAJOR model Jessica Pitti. We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of the first issue (with Mischa Barton on the cover).

McQueen’s original design:

June 14

ANONYMOUS: Strange Break Up Stories

Our voyeuristic nature has led us to nosiness. We have decided to start a series of totally anonymous stories from friends and strangers. Our first round of anonymous stories revolves around something a little painful: break up stories. Namely, we wanted your strangest break up stories.

Do magazines like Seventeen still do this? Those were my favorite parts growing up.
Feel free to comment with your own!

“This one time I dated a guy for about 3 months, and during that entire period, he never showed me his feet. EVER! I couldn’t even sneak his socks off him while he was sleeping. It ultimately drove me insane and contributed to me breaking up with him. The most fucked up part though, is that my friend started dating him some months later, and she saw his feet the first night! As if.”

“My first real boyfriend ever probably liked me more than any others ever had. He loved me, or at least he thought he did. I broke up with him for the first time on the phone, because we were long distance, but he convinced me to stay with him a while longer. I did it, because I cared about him. I didn’t realize it was probably a bad decision until New Year’s Eve night when the whole thing blew up in my face. I ended up breaking up with him probably around midnight. For some reason, once I did it, he started cleaning his kitchen. He probably cleaned the whole thing. I had no idea what to do.”

[Blank] bought me a sandwich after he dumped me. We were supposed to go to the cat circus, and he broke up with me, and I got upset not because he dumped me, but because I wanted to go see a cat skateboard. He said I seemed hungry and took me to get a sandwich. Obviously the end of the story is that I lost a boyfriend, but I at least got a sandwich out of it.”

 ”He was my first real boyfriend, which meant I devoted many heartfelt blogs about our relationship torn asunder by meeting at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was going to join the Navy at the end of the summer, but he said he’d look me up at the end of his term in two years when I’d ‘probably have short hair, which would be really hot’ (his words). Two years later, I ran into him. He hadn’t joined the Navy at all. In fact, he had been living in this same city all this time. The best part was he tried to go home with me that night, which was followed by ‘When are we going to hang out’ texts. Luckily, in two years I had become less of an idiot and less resistant to his obvious charm.”

“I was dating ‘Beatrice’ in high school. Through her, I had met this guy ‘Billy’ who was her best friend. I thought he seemed like a cool enough guy so I became friends with him too. Well ‘Beatrice’ had a chance to graduate half a year early so she did. She left and went to college, and for the first few weeks, we kept in touch. Finally she decided to break it off.

“So a few weeks went by, and her other friend ‘Susie’ who lives far away calls me one day and tells me that ‘Beatrice’ had been cheating on me while we were dating with ‘Billy.’ I was super pissed off as anyone would be, but because we weren’t even dating anymore, I didn’t see the point in making a huge deal about it with ‘Billy.’ We were still somewhat friends, and I just wanted to move on and get over it.

“Well, months and months go by and I meet a new girl named ‘Petunia.’ ‘Billy’ kept asking about her but I did not want them to meet for obvious reasons. I did the most stupid thing I could ever do, and me and ‘Petunia’ decided to move in together. Well stupid stupid stupid me, we moved in with a friend of mine who also knew ‘Billy,’ so of course ‘Billy’ met ‘Petunia.’ About three weeks later, I find out that ‘Petunia’ had cheated on me with ‘Billy.’ I moved out and have not talked to ‘Billy’ in years. Fuck that ASSHOLE.

“‘Petunia’ called me a few years after all this and wanted me to come by the hospital and see her dying mom. How fucked up is that? I did go see her.”

“I used to date this night life photographer/web designer guy. One night we were out and about so he could do his whole clicky clicky thing, and we ran into his ex who proceeded to throw herself all over him. Now this was not the most stable relationship (actually, I would call it “volatile” on a good day), and I immediately wanted to leave.

“We ended up arguing the whole walk to my apartment. In the heat of it all, I grabbed his camera and threw it onto the pavement as hard as I could. He was obviously angry and went home after that. About two seconds after I closed my door, I realized what a bitch move that was. I went straight over to his house to apologize and offer to pay for the camera.

“At this point, I was still veryveryveryvery drunk. He had a door that went straight into his room from outside with this big window right in the middle. When I got there I started knocking on the door and managed to accidentally (I swear to a god that doesn’t exist it was an accident) punch through the window. I took my hand out of the hole I had made, and he was just giving me the worst look in the world through the broken glass.

“I knew he was going to dump me after that; I just knew it. So I yelled, ‘I THINK WE SHOULD SEE OTHER PEOPLE‘ through the hole, and left. We ended up dating for another seven months after that. The things people will put up with!”