Denver, CO

Taylor Boylston, 23

What are your go-to karaoke songs?
My social anxiety usually gets the best of me in karaoke situations, but one day maybe I’ll try doing “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush or William Shatner’s version of Pulp’s “Common People.”

What would your last meal be?
There’s a pho place in Denver that has the best vegetarian pho I’ve ever had. Probably that and a bottle of Green Chartreuse.

What are your three most important possessions right now?
Oh boy. I’ve gotten rid of so many things over the years and try to avoid getting attached to material items. That being said, my records, my photo negatives, and all the art I have from my little brother’s elementary school days.

Tell me about your nightly routine.
Working at a bar makes my nights boring and quick. I come home, brush my teeth, maaaayybe wash my face, take of my clothes, and try to read before crashing.

Who’s art/work are you most obsessed with right now?
This probably sounds really corny but my boyfriend, Seth Powers, makes really neat and morbid drawings. I love his work and working with him on art. I’ve also been really into Caleb Hahne, Kayla Haubenschild, Colin Ward, and Stephan Herrera.

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