Brooklyn, NY

Alan Del Rio Ortiz, 31

What were you doing on the last night of 2013?
My last night of 2013 was only moderately tragic. I had dinner with some friends and I got to see Blood Orange perform.

Walk me through your morning routine.
I make time for myself every morning. I either go running or I read. I make myself some breakfast and a solid cup of coffee. I really need this structure so I don’t feel completely insane the rest of the day.

What song never fails to get you pumped UP?
‘Mercy’ still sounds new to me every time I hear it, which is often. Also I feel like if I listen to ‘Bugatti’ enough times I’ll actually be able to run through a wall like the Kool-Aid man.

How did you dress when you were 14?
Oof. I looked sick when I was 14. Texas mall goth. Long black hair. Jnco Jeans. Chokers and nail polish. Take that, parents.

New Year’s Resolutions?
Life is short. We all gotta call momma more often.

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