Brooklyn, NY

Koko Ntuen, 30

  • Editor of LADYGUNN¬†
  • Also:¬†Stylist, Designer, Media Mogul in training

Who are your band crushes of the moment?
King Tuff, Black Lips (always), Jacuzzi Boys, Acid Baby Jesus, Shannon and The Clams, James and Bobby Purify, Riff Raff, Kendrick Lamar, Mr. Muthafucking eXquire.

Favorite meal:
Anything with truffle and lobster in it.

Where does all your money go?
Collecting art, JUST KIDDING. Fancy dinners, tickets out of town, into my bizness, sometimes I wonder the same thing, fuck.

What is your dream collaboration?
I’m pretty much working with all my dream collaborators now on LADYGUNN. Such a dream. Love you all!

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