GIFTED: Bomber Hat

I was given this bomber hat, or ushanka, or shapka, never sure what to call it, by Kyle LeTray in high school. Kyle was that funny, laid-back, goofy skater guy in high school. He was one of the nicest and silliest people I knew, and he was easy on the eyes. I am not sure where he is or what he doing now, but hopefully he is doing well. Anyway, he was wearing it one day and let me try it on. He told me it looked good on me. Later on, he told me I could have it. I remember maybe a week later he said something about regretting giving it to me, because he really liked it. I should have just given it back, but I didn’t.

I didn’t wear it for a while, given the temperature in Texas. This was my first winter living in NY, and it really saved me.



This is a new blog series. Please feel free to submit your own photos and stories about gifts you were given.

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