Los Angeles, CA

Cassandra Lee Hamilton, 26

What were you like in high school?
High school, let’s see, I was a total weirdo, painfully awkward and dorky – straight As until I discovered drugs, cut bangs and started hanging with boys. It all went downhill from there (shit head teen lives out after school special into mid-twenties).

Hidden talents?
Time traveling (blacking out).
Relaxation professional (lazy dayz).
I’m an expert witness (I’ve watched every SVU ‘sode there is to see).

What do you have in your car’s CD/tape player right now?
Car: Felt – Stains on a Decade
Living room cassette player: Memories (Burger tape release)
Record player: Power Pearls Comp #6 (just found it at Permanent Records!)

Food you think you could eat every single day, forever:

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