We like you Katy Shayne

I first really became acquainted with Katy Shayne the day she shot me for a Bleach Online feature. It had been a little photo concept I had been obsessing about for a while, and after my shoot with Katy, I was absolutely satisfied and impressed by her skills. Since, I’ve admired her personal and professional work. She always seems to capture some honest moments with her subjects and finishes each of her pieces off with some creative editing.

Recently, Stroud created enchanting photos of/for musician Chelsea Wolfe, which were published with an interview I conducted for TWELV Magazine.

Stroud’s art will be on display at the Jolie Laide show (along with a long list of talented local artists) at Maison d’Etoile in Austin, TX.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Voyeur x Katy Shayne collaborations in the future.

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