Austin, TX

Ben Aqua, 29

In fantasy dinner party, who would be your 5 guests (dead or alive)?

Andy Warhol, Adolf Hitler, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Rock Hudson

Tell me about your hidden talent.
I secretly love cleaning toilet bowls. It’s gross.

Looking back at past Ben, what was his most major style faux pas?
7th grade Ben was a rad dude. His fav outfit was a white button-up short-sleeve shirt on top of a lime green turtle-neck all tucked into baggy khaki shorts, with black socks pulled all the way up, Reebok Pumps.

What is your honest prediction for your 2012?
My obsession with the apocalypse will be channeled into club/hood/internet-inspired beats, at least one of which will go viral and end up on Obama’s iPod.

R1-02596-025A R1-02596-024A R1-02596-023A R1-02596-022A R1-02596-020A R1-02596-019A R1-02596-018A R1-02596-017A R1-02596-015A R1-02596-014A R1-02596-013A R1-02596-010A R1-02596-009A R1-02596-008A R1-02596-006A R1-02596-005A R1-02596-004A R1-02596-003A R1-02596-002A R1-02596-001A R1-02596-000A R1-02596-000A_0001