Dallas, TX

Ariel Bender, 30

  • Bottle Water Delivery for Rain Fresh Water by day
  • Rock-N-Roller for Missile by night

What is one of your earliest memories from childhood?

Well I remember living out in the country in a trailer home with my mom and dad. I had a pet goat named Black Star. I have foggy memories of walking through the woods with Black Star, playing with this neon green toy chainsaw that I loved, and seeing ET in the theater.

ET was not only the first time I went to the movie theater, but I think it was the first movie I had ever seen, as we didn’t have a TV in the trailer home. ET had a strong effect on me. I remember being so sad when the movie was over, and my parents said we had to leave. I swear if the movie was 4 days long, I would have sat there and watched.

Top 5 dream girls from any decade:
I’m really impressed by girls that make music. So top 5 dream girls would be Blondie, Zooey Deschanel, Beyoncé, Elli Medeiros and Madonna.

Deserted on an island and for some reason you can only eat one kind of food and listen to one band forever, what would you choose?
So what if I find other food on the island like coconuts, bananas, fish/crabs, Pop-Tarts, etc etc… can I eat those? Are you saying I can only BRING one kind of food to the island, or while I’m there I can only eat ONE thing? I think I’d rather have a knife. can I have a knife? And music, honestly probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, because anything else – even David Bowie – would drive me crazy.

Who are you going to vote for in 2012?
Let me start by saying I have never voted for any presidential candidates before. This year I will proudly be voting for Ron Paul.

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