Denver, CO

Adam Milner, 24

What would you want for your last meal?
Right now mac and cheese sounds good. Maybe with sparkling water and some flowers on the table.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
I think the cooler answer would be Star Trek, but I have to admit I haven’t watched an episode or anything since I was like six. My earliest dream I can remember involved a Star Trek character though, the one with curly dark hair. She needed help, and I couldn’t get there fast enough. Anyway, Star Wars.

What do you collect?
I collect a ton of different things. Two collections I have are of owl and deer figurines. When I collect them, I try to imagine the person they were made for, like “Who would have collected these in the 70′s?” Slowly, I become those people I think.

Tell me about one favorite music video.
I thought of two favorites simultaneously, “Top Ranking” by Blonde Redhead and “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney Spears. ┬áSince I know I’m only allowed one, I’ll talk about them simultaneously: The choppy editing gives the video such a nice energy and frequency, and I love the attention to the movement of the body. I can’t help but imagine the video when I hear the song; they’ve become so inseparable to me. And the flare of those pants is incredible!

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